Juchen offers specialized aluminium fabrication services in Melbourne. With our extensive experience in the metal fabrication process and technical expertise, we cater to a diverse range of clients across various industries.


Details and Challenges of Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium fabrication involves multiple steps, from selecting aluminium materials, cutting, welding, to surface treatment in the fabrication process. During this process, issues such as weak welding, uneven surfaces, and imprecise dimensions might arise. These problems could be due to material quality, equipment issues, or unskilled operations.

To avoid these quality issues, we use high-quality aluminium materials and regularly maintain and calibrate our equipment. Moreover, our professional team undergoes rigorous training to ensure every operation meets the highest standards.

How to Choose Quality Aluminium Fabrication Services

  • Check the supplier’s qualifications and certificates: Ensure they have relevant industry certifications.
  • Assess material quality: High-quality aluminium is the foundation of a premium product.
  • Inquire about fabrication techniques and equipment: Advanced technology and equipment can guarantee more accurate and durable results.
  • Review past projects and client feedback: This can help you gauge the supplier’s capability and reputation.


Detailed Services Offerings

We offer more than just standard fabrication services. At Juchen, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and fabricate based on specific client needs in the realm of metal fabrication. Whether it’s a unique design requirement or a particular functional need, we have the expertise to provide tailor-made solutions.

Using advanced welding equipment and techniques, we can handle large contract jobs or continuous production. Regardless of the size of your project, we guarantee efficient, accurate, and high-quality welding results.

Our professional team is proficient in various welding and cutting techniques, including MIG, TIG, manual welding, and plasma cutting, ensuring diverse and efficient services for our clients.

In addition to welding and processing, we also offer additional services like painting, sandblasting, heat treatment, and machining, providing a one-stop solution for your project.

Why Choose Us

  • Expertise in Aluminium Fabrication: Our team consists of experienced welders who are experts in the art of aluminium fabrication, ensuring top-notch results in every fabrication process.
  • Advanced Fabrication Process: We use advanced equipment and leading techniques in the metal fabrication industry to deliver top-quality aluminium processing results.
  • Customized Aluminium Solutions: We understand that each project is unique and offer aluminium fabrication services tailored to your specific needs and specifications in the metal fabrication domain.
  • Timely Delivery in Aluminium Projects: We value your time in the aluminium fabrication process and are committed to completing projects within the agreed timeframe while ensuring quality.
  • Competitive Pricing in Metal Fabrication: We offer value-for-money solutions in metal fabrication and ensure the quality of our aluminium craftsmanship.

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Aluminium fabrication service involves processing aluminium materials into specific shapes and sizes to meet various application needs, such as construction, automotive, and other industrial applications.

Juchen boasts a team with extensive experience in the metal fabrication process, utilizing advanced equipment and techniques to deliver high-quality aluminium fabrication results.

Absolutely. Juchen understands that each project is unique, and we tailor our services based on your specific requirements and specifications.

We value our clients’ time and strive to complete projects within the agreed-upon timeframe, ensuring no compromise on quality. The exact delivery time may vary based on the project’s scale and complexity.

 You can visit our official website and click on “Get a quote” or directly contact our sales team to obtain a quotation.

 Apart from aluminium fabrication, we also provide additional services like painting, sandblasting, heat treating, and machining in the broader scope of metal fabrication.

Yes, we welcome clients to visit our production workshop. Please contact us in advance to arrange a visit.

At Juchen, we have a team of experienced welders proficient in aluminium welding techniques. Our welders possess in-depth knowledge